Ufcw 1167 Contract Negotiations

As negotiations continue between the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1167 and grocery store chains in Southern California, the impact on workers and consumers remains uncertain.

The current contract between UFCW 1167 and several grocery store chains, including Kroger-owned Ralphs, Albertsons, and Vons, expired in March 2019. Negotiations have been ongoing since then, with both sides expressing frustration and the possibility of a strike looming.

The main issues at stake include wages, healthcare, and pensions. The union is pushing for wage increases and better healthcare benefits for its members, who are primarily front-line workers who have been deemed essential during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The grocery store chains have faced criticism for not adequately protecting their workers during the pandemic, with reports of lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) and failure to properly enforce social distancing guidelines. The union has insisted that these issues be addressed in the new contract negotiations.

In addition, the union is fighting to maintain the current pension plan for its members. The grocery store chains have proposed a shift to a 401(k) plan, which the union argues would be less secure and reliable for workers.

Consumers could potentially be impacted if a strike were to occur. The grocery store chains have contingency plans in place to bring in temporary workers, but this could lead to disruptions in availability and quality of products. Prices could also potentially increase due to the added costs of bringing in temporary workers.

The negotiations have been ongoing for over two years, with both sides expressing frustration at the lack of progress. However, the recent victory of UFCW 770 in Houston, Texas – which successfully negotiated higher wages and hazard pay for workers – could potentially provide a boost for UFCW 1167. It remains to be seen how the negotiations will ultimately play out, but both sides have acknowledged the importance of reaching a fair and equitable agreement for all parties involved.

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