Bupa Members First Agreement

The Bupa Members First Agreement: What You Need to Know

If you`re a Bupa member, you may have heard of the Members First Agreement. But what is it exactly, and how does it benefit you?

At its core, the Members First Agreement is a partnership between Bupa and a network of healthcare providers, including doctors, specialists, and hospitals. These providers have agreed to charge Bupa members a set fee for their services, which is typically lower than what non-members would pay.

So, what does this mean for you as a Bupa member? First and foremost, it means that you can save money on healthcare costs. By choosing a provider within the Members First network, you can be confident that you won`t be hit with unexpected or exorbitant bills.

But the benefits don`t stop there. Members who visit a Members First provider may also be eligible for additional benefits, such as higher benefit payments or gap-free services. These benefits can vary depending on your level of cover and the specific provider you choose, so it`s important to check with Bupa before scheduling any appointments.

So, how do you find a Members First provider? Bupa has a handy search tool on its website that allows you to search for providers by location and speciality. You can also search by name if you already have a specific provider in mind.

It`s worth noting that not all healthcare services are covered by the Members First Agreement. For example, services such as ambulance transport, pathology, and radiology are generally not included. Additionally, not all providers within the network may offer the same benefits, so it`s important to check with Bupa before making any decisions.

Overall, the Bupa Members First Agreement is a valuable benefit for Bupa members, providing access to affordable, quality healthcare services. By taking advantage of this agreement, you can save money while still receiving the care you need. So, the next time you need to see a doctor or specialist, be sure to check if they`re a part of the Members First network.

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