Whatsapp Changing User Agreement

WhatsApp Changing User Agreement: What You Need to Know

On January 4, 2021, WhatsApp announced that it will be updating its terms of service and privacy policy. The announcement caused a stir, as users were asked to agree to the new terms by February 8, 2021, or risk losing access to their accounts.

So what exactly are the changes, and how will they affect the over 2 billion users of the messaging app? Here`s what you need to know.

What`s Changing?

The biggest change in the updated terms of service is the way WhatsApp will handle user data. WhatsApp will now share user data with Facebook, its parent company, including phone numbers, transaction data, and other information. This means that data could be used for targeted advertising on Facebook, or for other purposes such as improving products and services.

However, WhatsApp reassures users that messages will remain end-to-end encrypted, meaning only the sender and receiver can see the content of the message. WhatsApp also states that it will not keep logs of who users are messaging or calling, and that it will not share the content of messages with Facebook.

Why is WhatsApp Changing its User Agreement?

WhatsApp states that the change is to help businesses communicate with customers through the app. The company also states that the change is in line with the European Union`s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which protects individuals` rights to privacy.

Facebook`s acquisition of WhatsApp in 2014 also played a role in the change. The sharing of user data between the two companies has been a topic of controversy in the past, with privacy advocates concerned about the implications of Facebook`s data collection practices.

What Should Users Do?

If you`re a WhatsApp user, you`ll need to agree to the new terms of service by February 8, 2021, or risk losing access to your account. To agree to the new terms, simply open WhatsApp and follow the prompts to accept the updated terms of service and privacy policy.

If you`re uncomfortable with the changes, you can choose to delete your WhatsApp account. Keep in mind that this will permanently delete your account and all data associated with it, so be sure to back up any important messages or information before doing so.

Overall, the changes to WhatsApp`s user agreement may be concerning for some users, but the messaging app remains a popular and secure means of communication. It`s up to each individual user to decide whether the updated terms of service align with their personal privacy values.

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