Kaiser Permanente Union Contract Oregon

Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States, has arrived at a new union contract with the healthcare workers union in Oregon. The agreement will cover around 3,700 nurses, medical technicians, and support staff in the state who work for the healthcare giant.

The contract, which was negotiated over several months and approved by the union members earlier this month, will provide a three-year agreement that includes annual wage increases and improved benefits for union workers. It also includes provisions for people of color to receive equitable pay and other benefits.

The main terms of the agreement include:

1. A competitive wage structure: The union and Kaiser Permanente agreed on a wage structure that will provide for annual increases throughout the three-year term of the contract. The increases will be based on seniority and job classification, which will enable employees to advance in their careers and earn more over time.

2. Improved benefits: Kaiser Permanente also agreed to improve benefits for workers under the union contract. This includes a boost in leave time, additional holidays, and other perks. The company also agreed to invest in employee training and professional development, which will give workers more opportunities for career growth and advancement.

3. Enhanced diversity and inclusion measures: The union contract includes several provisions for promoting diversity and inclusion within Kaiser Permanente. This includes providing equitable compensation and opportunities for people of color who have traditionally been underrepresented in the healthcare industry. The company also agreed to create a task force to review and identify opportunities to improve diversity and inclusion throughout the organization.

The new union contract is a major milestone for Kaiser Permanente in Oregon, which has had a long history of working with labor unions in the state. The company has said that it is committed to building strong relationships with its employees and ensuring that they are treated fairly and equitably.

Overall, the new contract is a win-win situation for the healthcare workers union and Kaiser Permanente. It provides fair wages and benefits for union workers while also ensuring that the company can continue to provide high-quality healthcare services to patients in Oregon and beyond.

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