Boston Legal Malpractice Attorneys

Analyzing whether or not you have meritorious misconduct or a breach of fiduciary duty against a lawyer is often complex and sometimes requires consulting qualified experts. At Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C., we are aware that it can be difficult to prove abuse of rights. This type of misconduct occurs when a lawyer fails to use the ordinary skills or care that would be used by another lawyer facing a similar situation and in similar circumstances. The Boston attorneys at Block & Roos, LLP are highly regarded in the Massachusetts legal community for their commitment to professional ethics and their experience in resolving disputes between attorneys and clients. To be held liable for the lawyer`s fault, it is not necessary for the lawyer to have provided legal services in exchange for compensation. When a client hires a lawyer, an attorney-client relationship is created with the designated counsel and any counsel who is a partner or employee of the designated counsel. There are also a number of common defences that are raised against allegations of legal error. Click here for a discussion of customer relationship defences, scope of representation, factual disputes about what happened, causation, damages, and limitation period. People rely on their lawyers and if the lawyer neglects their client`s case, it can often be devastating for the client. Victims have a double pain – they had an underlying case that they could have won or in which they could have done much better. And they have to take legal action and possibly a lawsuit against their own (former) lawyer. They lose confidence in the system.

Our mission is to restore trust in the legal system. Lawyer Burns and lawyer Jain have over 50 years of litigation experience. Most cases do not go to court, but they do try cases in state and federal courts in Massachusetts courts. Therefore, insurance lawsuit lawyers take them seriously. Burns & Jain believes it`s only a fair legal system if lawyers can be held accountable. They are actively committed to ensuring that their clients get results. To prove that your former lawyer acted in a manner that was below the standard of due diligence for lawyers, we need an expert to testify to the standard of due diligence and how the lawyer deviated from it. While it can cost money, it`s not too difficult to find a lawyer willing to testify, as the misconduct should be obvious. Whether we need a second expert, however, depends on the case. For example, in a case of bodily injury, we may use certified medical reports and records. In a construction case, we may need to hire a competent contractor or builder to prove this damage.

Negligence, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and violations of Chapter 93A, Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act, are some of the theories we use when making claims against lawyers for misconduct. In most cases, errors of law require the existence of a customer relationship, either by express agreement or implicitly. Whether or not you have a legal error should be made in consultation with a lawyer. If you suspect that your lawyer has made a legal mistake, call burns & Jain`s lawyers. Each State is responsible for establishing a code of conduct for lawyers. Massachusetts establishes these codes of conduct for lawyers, judges, and clerks. Here is a list of common examples of legal errors: This policy contains a long list of rules that Massachusetts state attorneys must follow. It should be noted that the law gives lawyers considerable leeway in terms of tactics and judgment in litigation. The mere fact that the customer does not achieve the desired result does not necessarily mean that there is an abuse of rights. Your lawyer for legal errors in Boston must demonstrate four elements to be successful: From the preamble aptly titled “The Responsibilities of a Lawyer,” we can see the following wording: “As a client representative, a lawyer performs various functions.

As an advisor, a Boston attorney provides a client with a thorough understanding of the client`s legal rights and obligations and explains their practical implications.

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